creative messaging work

Here's a little taste of a few marketing and branding films for larger strategic campaigns. Enjoy!

k brew, LLC

From conception to production, this was a labor of love - telling the story of K Brew's mission.  Understanding what drives our customers, we sought to communicate what drives us: fueling the passion of everyone who walks through our doors.
key elements:  narrative cinematic style, emotive music and voice over
erich's work:  conceptualization, script writing, story boarding, direction, voice over

k brew, LLC

Our Pumpkin Pie Latte is a customer favorite, seasonally available in Fall.  This year we wanted to announce its arrival in epic fashion.  This funny, fast-paced promo video targeted the social media audience and yielded an epic response.
key elements:  ironic scene juxtaposition, cinematic style, fast-paced
erich's work: conceptualization, script writing, story boarding, casting, music selection, director of photography, direction

knox area rescue ministries

KARM's Corners of Your Field campaign targeted churches in Knox and surrounding counties to increase donations to KARM Thrift Stores.  We were hired to create and execute the COYF rebranding and marketing campaign.
key elements:  sketch style video, narrative voice over, inspirational music bed
erich's work:  branding strategy, planning, & management (logo design, web design); video script writing, story boarding, and directing


We created this video montage for the close of our KARM pitch meeting in order to highlight previous work while adding a personal message.  Thankfully, it sealed the deal and helped us to secure the RFP.
key elements:  sketch style, broad scope, fast-paced scenes, engaging music bed
erich's work:  pitch strategy, story boarding, and directing

email campaign analytics

here are a few examples of some subject lines and results achieved from an email newsletter for k brew's customer base. the body was a mix of original and curated content about shop happenings, local events, and the occasional product spot (for those of you who are familiar, think Dave Pell's NextDraft, sans politics.

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brand identity

here are a few examples of Logo design and brand messaging work from inkblot and thrive marketing.

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benner law - inkblot client

key elements:  The minimalist, impressionistic “B” and “L,” elegant and understated, allude to the sails of a ship, and when rotated, depict ocean waves - a key component to this firms field of practice. Combined with the Byington font, the concept marries a strong, serifed typeface that suggests stability and strength with the soft curves of the abstract logo mark.
erich's work:  client consultation, branding strategy, planning, & management (logo design, web design)


karm thrift stores - inkblot client

key elements:  Hired to complete a brand overhaul for existing KARM brand initiative Corners of Your Field, this logo was one of several brand campaign elements, in addition to the branding sketch video above. Taking a dated and bland earth-toned logo, we brought fresh color and angular design to the brand, evoking both the "corners" theme and house imagery central to the campaign's message.
erich's work:  client consultation, branding strategy, planning, & management (logo design, web design)

thrive marketing group - brand identity

Value proposition: I love branding. Here, I sought to concisely tell the story of every entrepreneur / business owner and how we were there to help them.