The Why

Welcome to story time... sort of.  I'm going to presume a bit here.  The presumption is that if you're here, you at least have a modicum of interest in me, my photography, and my story.  So, here's 'the why' behind erichphoto in 90 seconds, give or take.

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I'm a bit prone to nostalgia and introspection.  I've never been terribly open about that, because in my mind it doesn't connote appealing attributes like strength and vision.  Additionally, I've been drawn to artistry my entire life - in particular writing and music, although I've always had a great appreciation for visual arts like film making and photography.  The undeniable common theme here is the resounding impact stories have on me.  Nostalgia, after all, is simply a longing for stories of times past.

This created a bit of a quandary for me.  Growing up intellectualism and pragmatism were prized, while artistry appeared whimsical and impractical.  For as long as I can remember, I've innately believed that creative pursuits are perfectly acceptable hobbies, but careers are made of "serious" endeavors - law, finance, medicine, politics, science.  You know, respectable occupations - something you can be proud to share at a cocktail party.  Obviously this reveals something about my insecurities and an unhealthy concern for what people think of me.

Enter many small children.  A few years ago, as my wife bemoaned our lack of family pictures, I thought, "I've always loved photography; I should buy a DSLR and learn how to use it."  At the time I had a lucrative job (which was slowly sapping my will to live), some disposable income, and the desire to do something creative.  Simultaneously, as I observed my oldest daughter (nine years old at the time) and her unabated LOVE of writing, I was reminded of my penchant for it in my youth.  For more on that, check out my About Page.  She is perpetually concocting stories, both written and oral.  Her creativity and wonder knows no bounds.  The joy it brings her siblings when she begins weaving a yarn for them is as ubiquitous as it is infectious.

So, I gathered courage to leave a career track that would eventually dead-end in my own mediocrity.  Learning to harness the nostalgia, the desire to hear or tell a good story, and combining it with vision, direction, and action I've embarked on erichphoto.  I've had to question how this intertwines with the skill sets I've acquired in other fields.  I'm currently overcoming a heck of a lot of fear as well.  In the end though, I've determined that I'm more afraid of not trying than I am of failing.

So, time to ride off into the sunset; there's no looking back now.