2015 Eastman AC708CE

2015 Eastman AC708CE grand concert. This has a solid Engelmann Spruce top, solid rosewood back and sides, ebony fretboard, bone nut and saddle, high gloss finish, Fishman Matrix VT pickup, Venetian cutaway, slotted headstock, Gotoh tuners, and original hardshell case in great shape. The color in the first photos are representative of this beautiful guitar. The last five were taken the way they were to try to highlight the imperfections as much as possible in natural light, as well as a quick case and authenticity paper photo.

The condition is excellent, with a couple of small impressions in the top (pictured), some small swirl / scratches on the back (pictured), and some pick marks/lines that I could not get to show up in any images. The pick marks are very light, and I will use a touch of Martin polish before shipping. I suspect that they’ll “buff out.” None of them are through the finish.

The original owner had installed a Taylor pickguard since removed. The "tan line" where the pickguard was should fade over time. The pick marks referenced above are where a new pickguard would go, should you choose to install one.

The playability is wonderful - nice, low action, though not too low for light/medium strumming. And, there is ample saddle remaining. The neck is a comfortable C, similar to a Taylor neck.

The sound hole rosette is probably my favorite aesthetic feature - the rosewood-stained, quilted maple is gorgeous.

Good volume and bass response for a grand concert body, with the sweetness and clarity from the Engelmann / rosewood combo. I have gigged with it plugged in and the subtle control knobs on the inside of the sound hole offer a variety of tone tweaking. It sounds wonderful acoustically or amplified.

Asking $850 including shipping and insurance in the continental US, but PayPal fees are the buyer’s responsibility. There is also a Reverb recently sold photo as a point of reference.

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John Mayer Strat below…