Artistic Lifestyle Sessions

Family sessions are near and dear to my heart.  As a husband and father, I absolutely love documenting the beauty of the family dynamic.  Of course, kids bring a certain spontaneity to photo sessions, so the ability to work quickly to capture what may be a fleeting moment (you know, before meltdown occurs) is critical.  I work hard to make sure everyone is comfortable, relaxed, and having fun so that your family's amazing story can unfold - then I just have to capture it.  For session pricing visit my rates page here.

Senior sessions are equally exciting because of what they represent in our children's lives.  They provide an opportunity to capture the anticipation of the first step into adulthood and another chapter in your family's ongoing story.

Engagement / Anniversary sessions tell a love story - your love story.  It's important to capture the depth and emotion of the relationship in an intimate and artistic way.  Whether eagerly anticipating marriage or celebrating years together, it is a blessing to document the journey.

Keep an eye out for upcoming blog posts with tips on how to get the most out of you Family, Senior, and Engagement / Anniversary sessions!

Corporate / Commercial

The images you select for your website, post to your LinkedIn profile, or use for business collateral represent your, or your company's, brand.  There is an art to branding, and make no mistake about it, brilliant brands know how to tell brilliant stories.  That begins with the visual.  Contact me and let's talk about your brand's story.


"It was so beautiful - I felt like I was there!"  When I hear that from someone who could not attend the wedding, I know I've told the couple's love story well.  But, documenting one of the most important days in a couple's new life together involves so much more than simply creating amazing images.  It is essential to get know each couple, their expectations, their dreams, and their passions - this goes far beyond a shot list.  At times I'll need to be the invisible wedding photojournalist, and other times I should feel like one of the family, making everyone comfortable while shooting.  Ultimately, the day is about you, and your photographer must be a good fit.  I'd love to hear about your big day and see if I'm that fit.