Architectural photography is a passion for me.  I have loved architecture since being introduced at a young age to the work of Frank Lloyd Wright and Richard Neutra.  My goal is always to capture the architect's vision and the designer's style, which requires an artistic eye and the ability to highlight the visual aesthetics that make a structure or space unique.  Mastery of shot set-up, angles, lighting, staging, and post-production are all critical elements in telling each architectural story.

Typically, architectural photography is based on a day or half-day rate depending upon the size of the project, but I have worked on a price per finished photograph basis as well.  Please contact me to discuss what best fits your needs!

Real Estate

Real estate photography is its own art. The same principles of architectural photography apply, but a knowledge of what makes a home visually appealing to prospective buyers is essential, as is the ability to present the property accurately, emphasizing the selling points.  The style and flow of images must compellingly tell each home's story.  When this is accomplished, the result is increased interest and a quicker sale at a higher price.  Please visit my Real Estate page for more photos, pricing, studies, and some before and after scenes.