Why professional photography?

accurately highlight a property's best Features

Simply put, professional photography properly showcases your properties, highlighting the selling points while accurately representing the home to prospective buyers.


Here are a few other differences professional photos make


increased listing views

Redfin found that listings with professional photos garnered 61% more online views than those with amateur photos.  The original Redfin study has since been updated with more information on pricing, open houses, and more.


Sell faster

Listings with professional photos sold an average of two weeks faster, with homes in the $400K-$499K range selling three weeks faster, based on a 2016 Redfin study.


hold buyers' attention

A Wall Street Journal article reported the Journal of Real Estate Research findings that 95% of prospective home buyers online begin by looking at photos and spend 60% of their time looking at property photos, as opposed to 20% on description. 


sell for more

According to the same Redfin study, "Sellers who used a high-quality camera and lens for their listing photos got an average of $3,400 more for their properties."

"but, i own a DSLR..."

Far more goes into a professional real estate shoot than a digital camera.  Here are some essential components to professional real estate photography:

  • Professional wide angle/tilt-shift lenses - this makes a far bigger difference than the camera. A professional wide angle lens provides sharp images with accurate color rendering, while eliminating distortion (the stretching of objects, curving counter tops, etc...) common to “prosumer” wide angle lenses. Wide and ultrawide tilt-shift lenses allow the ability to alter the camera perspective to perfectly represent each space and keep lines vertical.

  • Professional tripod / geared head - these are necessary to ensure proper exposure, alignment, and image sharpness; they must be heavy duty, ultra-stable, and able to accurately dial in minute adjustments.

  • Composition - how the photo is composed matters; understanding leading lines, height, angles, and other details all factor into the visual appeal of a space.

  • Post-production - this covers everything that happens after the shoot is over, editing each image to make sure everything is just right. This is particularly important for any property that has a view to showcase, such as the beautiful mountain lodge below, or when a twilight photo is desired to add that bit of extra pop to a listing.

bracketing, Compositing, and other
things you shouldn't have to worry about

scenic highlights

The above Before & After photo is a composite of the two images below.  It is simply impossible to properly expose both the interior and exterior portions of a photograph, such as the one above, in a single exposure.  The only way to accomplish this is through bracketing exposures and compositing the images in post. 

Over exp sky.jpg

Exposing for a naturally lit interior will always leave a bright exterior view over-exposed and washed out. 

Exposing for a bright exterior will always leave a natural interior too dimly lit, resulting in too much shadow and no detail.

Twilight images

Twilight images provide an incredible dynamic to the photos that can really make a listing pop.  This type of shooting requires considerable time and care in order to produce a single, high quality photo.

why work with me?

My goal is simple: to help you sell homes more quickly, for a higher price.  Quick and easy shoot scheduling and fast turnaround times on images are a few of the ways I do that.  Let me make sure that each of your listings are beautifully and accurately represented online so that you can focus on what's important.


Property Size ... Price *

Up to 2,000 sq ft ... $149 / 25 photos
Up to 3,000 sq ft ... $189 / 30 photos
Up to 4,000 sq ft ... $239 / 35 photos
Up to 5,500 sq ft ... $299 / 45 photos
Up to 6,500 sq ft ... $369 / 55 photos
Above 6,500 sq ft / 60+ photos ... Let's talk
Twilight Exteriors ... $99 **
Drone Photography ... Call ***

Digital image delivery the next business day in most cases. 
* Within a 30 mile radius of 37311; an additional $50 will be added for travel up to 60 miles. For overnight travel, please call.
** Twilight price is per finished photo due to the time-intensive work involved in producing each image.
*** Drone photography for showcasing aerial views of property and amenities; number of photos will vary based upon property size and agent request.

schedule a shoot

Simply click on a date, select the shoot time, add a few details, and that's it.  Feel free to call if you'd like to discuss shoot specifics before scheduling: 865.257.6643