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I’m a husband, a father, and a PR / marketing professional. For the past few years I’ve been doing a bit of photography, a bit of advising, a bit of consulting, and a bit of writing while searching for a company where I can put my strengths in communication, marketing, and relationship-building to their best use. I got very excited reading the “Work Performed” section of your Director of Public Relations job description. I truly believe I’ve found that place in Sticker Mule. If things don’t immediately scream “PR Director” to you, please read on to see why I believe that the breadth of my career experience has prepared me perfectly for this opportunity.


Why Sticker Mule? Here are a few things I love about you all:

  • That your “Hello, we’re Sticker Mule" branding video features
    real employees just being themselves.

  • Jeremy's post going behind the scenes of the video revealing not just the “how,” but also the “why.”

  • Anthony's perspectives on simplicity, not taking VC, company culture, and content principles.

  • Your fun brand identity and your relentless pursuit of UX perfection.

  • The emphasis on being a company employees want to stay with until retirement.

What media placements are you most proud of?

While my time at Thrive Marketing Group included managing corporate messaging, media relations, writing press releases, and working on marketing campaigns for Fortune 100's like Ford and Disney, my work with coffee shop startup K Brew has been the most rewarding by far. 

Why? Because we have grown K Brew through bootstrapped, roll up your sleeves PR and marketing from day one. It is part of our methodical, disciplined growth strategy focused on delivering amazing customer service, hiring the right team, simplifying processes to improve efficiency, and reducing costs wherever it doesn’t impact quality. This is one of the primary reasons I think I will be a great fit for Sticker Mule - our approach with K Brew seems very similar to Anthony’s philosophy on growth, manufacturing simplicity, and customer focus.

We focused our early PR strategy on the entire Knoxville community by befriending local media and government officials, giving back to the community, and establishing a strong social media presence.

Shortly after launch, we were featured by Food Network's Alton Brown:


This led to local media coverage of his coverage:


Maintaining these close media relationships to this day allowed us to recently secure this 2:30 on-location feature and interview. It was picked up by multiple local outlets and has really boosted our online traffic and built anticipation in the community for our next store opening.


Anchor Kristin Farley's ad-libbed comments at 2:07 are a testament to the time spent nurturing these media relationships and serving the Knoxville community.

What areas of pr are you most excited about?

These areas have the most immediate appeal:

  • Media and community relations

  • PR / Marketing campaign integration (i.e. working with Sticker Mule marketing folks for brand cohesion)

  • Corporate identity / brand content development

  • Reputation management

The ability to play a key role over the long-term in representing the global Sticker Mule brand as we grow, ensuring that perception and trust of the company is awesome in every city, on every continent is particularly exciting.

This all hinges on compelling storytelling and trust-building in relationships. I love both and have spent my career learning to do both well.

provide one example of your most effective or creative campaign.

This branding video was part of a larger PR and marketing campaign that brought in more customers and garnered greater social media response than Alton Brown's Food Network feature.  Over 50K views on Facebook was big for our little shop, and customers still tell us they've traveled from other areas to check us out after seeing the video.

My role comprised:

Concept creation, story boarding / scene creation, casting, music bed selection, direction, production

Here is some other creative work.

what would your pr strategy be for a sticker mule product launch?

I thought it would be best to show you, so here goes:

additional information

It’s clear that you all are a bunch of authentic and fun people. That’s one huge reason I want to work at Sticker Mule.

In the interest of authenticity, I'm not your traditional PR professional. I mentioned above that I’ve been searching for a place to put my strengths to their best use. When I saw the Sticker Mule Director of Public Relations post, I realized that it was a chance to join an awesome brand with an amazing company culture and contribute right away to directly impact growth based on where I’m strongest. I also believe I can be of broader strategic help because of my marketing experience which spans local, grassroots efforts to much broader reach via web channels. This gives me a very holistic view of PR, marketing, and advertising and how they fit together.

All that said, I’m under no illusion that I will be the most qualified for this role or have the most impressive resume. But, for most of my career I've been telling corporate and personal stories through a variety of media, and I've been developing corporate and personal relationships that last. I believe that seeking to serve others rather than be served by them is one reason that I’ve been successful in building these relationships. 

A few reasons I believe I would be a great addition to the Sticker Mule team:

  • I have worked at the crossroads of marketing and PR most of my career. I understand the differences, how they intertwine, and the importance of each.

  • I am creative and have been involved in building low or no budget PR and marketing campaigns that get results.

  • My background in marketing and project management, as well as running my own business, has taught me how key analytics are to success. While my passions are stories and relationships, I know how to leverage metrics to improve campaigns and achieve growth.

  • I can honestly say I possess each of the five characteristics you look for in Sticker Mule team members, along with empathy.

  • I’m fun to work with, or so I’ve been told!

In my experience if one is autodidactic, he or she can figure out many standard practices of PR, marketing, and so forth. What is more difficult to learn are traits like empathy and how to be persuasive while remaining relational. 

While I don't know everything there is to know about stickers, printing, or PR for that matter, I believe that I can uniquely add to the team in the ways I mentioned above, and I'm eager to learn and contribute.

Thank you for considering me!
Erich Mecherle