I love food photography because amazing food always has a story to tell!  As with other photographic genres, there is an art to the process - the plating, the presentation, even the angle of the shot.  When it's right, the story always has a happy ending.

Product photography goes beyond a pretty picture and sales psychology.  Each visual aspect of a website, brochure, or advertisement communicates something about your brand to the world.  Branding is a passion of mine - I've worked in branding and brand consultation for years, and I bring this expertise to product photography.  It's all about the story you're telling!

Pet Portraits

Of course, animals aren't just "things," they're furry family members.  I am most definitely an animal lover, and pet portraits are some of my favorite "things" to shoot!  I believe it's plain to see God's creativity in our pets, because they each have their own unique personalities.  Part of the pet portraiture process is capturing all of your four-legged loved one's individuality. 

Drop me a line - I look forward to shooting with you!